Friday, October 03, 2008

Frankenfinger Photo

Our Louisiania Swamp Tour, Airboat Adventures guide explaining that he has had 16 alligator bites to his hand.

And me showing him what COULD HAPPEN to your index finger!

Frankenfinger photo courtesy of my BFF. Thanks Sweet T!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How to Waste an Hour

But it would be a good hour to waste.

Then when you start talking in LOLcat language, you can play with your magnets.

And wear your t-shirt.

ER Visit

No, not me, and not the other index finger.

Oscar either left the perimeter of the backyard or a dog got in. He didn't come home Sat night which had me really worried. Found him Sunday morning behind the garden shed. He wouldn't come to me, meow at me, or even look at me. Had to go behind the shed to get him and pick him up when I realized he was hurt.

1 1/2 hours at ER vet clinic. He had to stay to get stitches in 2 locations. Got home, and he's pretty much stayed inside my closet in the bathroom. Has a pet collar to prevent him from getting to the stitches, which he has already pulled out 1 stitch before I had to put some tough love on him and force him to wear the collar. He's already pulled it off his head.

The good news is that he's eating, drinking, using kitty litter. The bad news is that I'm off to DC Friday, return to Austin late Wedn, and then off to New Orleans Thurs afternoon next week. And Hurricane Ike has his eye on TX. GREAT timing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mini Booklets

I SO need these.

Read some of the cards inside:

My personal faves:
You looked in the mirror today and still wore that?
Now I know why the bitch slap was invented.

These are AWESOME. And for a mere $5.95 plus shipping, I'm seriously considering getting these. But truthfully, I'm a coward. I would only WISH I had the nerve to pass these out.

Health Concerns

So I'm "of age" where I need to get a mammogram. Admittedly, this is not something I'm looking forward to doing.

Even after the prodding by my GYN DR., and good friends, it has taken news of Christina Applegate's breast cancer decision to have a double mastectomy to seriously consider going to get one done.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Hero

No longer has a secret!

Announced today that Julia Child was a spy for the OSS (before there was a CIA) along with 24,000 other known and now mentionable people.

I swear that woman had the life I would love to have. A Chef. Lived in France. Ate a lot. Had an apparently happy marriage to a lifelong partner. Husband worked for State Dept and lived in fairly cool locales. And a spy.

So there is going to be a movie about Julie Child's My Life in France. It would be WAY cooler if it was Julia Child: International Woman of Mystery.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How to: Make The Best Margarita Ever

"ever" is a bit of a hyperbole coming from these novices. They don't know the magical ingredients. Thankfully my secret is still safe.

And to even enhance it with the Mexican Martini recipe?!? They haven't had Steph's.

And to even put this on video. Don't you know that taste testing is required before you can declare the right?

I scoff at their attempt.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Anthem Songs Update

How could I have even forgotten this one? Thanks to Sweet T for reminding me. I'm horribly embarrassed and ashamed this one wasn't #1.

This Is How We Do It::Montel Jordan.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Financial Advice


How to reduce your spending during a recession.

Work both days. If you are in front of your work laptop, you're not spending your money at the mall.

Of course, don't spend your internet surfing break blowing your hard earned money on

Laundry Gone Wrong

Put my new bathing suit in with new beach towels (previously washed once). Threw in a white bra for good measure.


The bra is now pink. The suit no longer has that new suit look.

all I can say is dammit.